Need stickers??

December 22, 2009

check these guys out! rad sticker printers.

Custom Stickers, Sticker Printing, Custom Bumper Stickers - StandOut Stickers

loveeee it!

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new packaging!!

December 7, 2009

anyone who has brought any of the new shirts will have allready seen this, but if you havnt, this is a sneak peak on what you are missing out on!!!

you should go pick up a shirt today and see for yourself!!!

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November 26, 2009

our 1st ever music release will be out next week.

so, super, very, quite, stoked on this!!

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8 days

November 22, 2009

until the new shirt drops. that and loads of other amazing, awesome stuff… and i really really havnt done enough work for it yet.

: S

you will see. its good.

my stomach hurts

November 18, 2009

i havn’t eaten all day. (apart from two pieces of shortbread this morning)

but. I know its all worth it. Because every day i receive emails from you guys, the people who read this, just saying thankyou, keep up the good work, a smile… whatever.

and it really makes everything worth while.

so, no. thank YOU.


Winter Sale + Boxes

November 16, 2009

hi boys and girls!

so, as you may have noticed, ive put some items up on the store for cheapcheap prices – its called a sale.

very nice.

go here:

now, we have the old favourite – sketchy sketchy sweetheart:

and a new/old favourite – king cane in yellllllow:


the old boxes are GONE. limited to 100, so if you had one, lucky you, they are no more, i now have NEW boxes, which i’m still working on getting perfect, so if you’re one of the lucky ones in the next week or so varied versions of the new box will be sent out to you!!! but don’t you worry, they’ve all got some added extras inside!!

will post pics soon!

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November 13, 2009

i occasionally get sent demos of bands,

and i do really like it, so please send me more – email them over!

and recently ive had some really, really fantastic demos, namely:

Canada Water – from bournemouth – really really good pop punk
In Gratitude – Southwest – just fantastic.
Aspen Sails – lincoln? – acoustic duo, really good…

as ive said time and time before, i dont like reviewing bands, go make up your own minds!!

also, watch this space on the music front ; ]


you and me in a photoshoot

November 10, 2009

(sing friendly fires)


today i had yet another photo shoot, seems like i spend half my life taking pictures, or having pictures taken…

these are some sneak peaks, the new shirts will be out on december the first. lovely.
( one new, one new colour way)

All photos taken by Emily Rendall

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boys AND girls shirts

November 8, 2009

no available,

OG logo in white, printed on american apparel – only a handful though… : ]

they look like this:

So! a little while ago i had the pleasant chance of meeting the lovely boys in polar bear club! And in a little moment of genius (i say now at least) i hooked the boys up with some shirts!!

annywho, the other day i was browsing the internet and i found these!!!

these where taken by:

and this was taken by:

And those where taken by Andrew Wingrave

Polar bear club – hamburg is out now, available from them and their label i guess! check them out on myspace:

(and they truley are lovely boys)

(a very happy tom)